We went to Finland and stayed on the Southwest coast, at Stävö, near Kirkkonummi, with the family of our friends (and our friends, thank you Saga and Jake) and learned a lot of new things, like

They let kids drive cars in supermarkets,


you can catch whitefish in a net early in the morning and smoke them with alder wood in a brick box and it tastes good,

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Rain barrel irrigation


We are leaving town for almost 2 months, so I wanted to make it easy for renters to take care of our garden while we’re gone.

I got two 55-gallon barrels and hooked them up to the downspout of our gutter. Then I set an RV (mobile home) water pump on a timer Read the rest of this entry »

My job is not completely unbearable…

…because even though it sometimes sucks to draw fruit shapes on a computer every day for three months while someone literally yells at you to do it faster and prettier, for a few seconds you get to lie down on some huge fruit you drew


Farewell DJ & Patty


My two backyard hens, DJ and Patty, will be retiring to the community garden this week. We are going to bring in some younger hens who can give us more eggs.

The old hens will be neighborhood celebrities, but we will miss them.


MAC x SJYP – Skate Park


I am drawing a skate park for MAC x Steve + Yoni. I’m just excited about it. That’s all.


MIT – Mediated Matter


I made a visit to the MIT Media Lab because I have a friend, a biologist, researching in the Mediated Matter studio. My friend is working on creating a type of glass that includes bacteria that can change the color of the glass based on different conditions.

Another group in the same studio is working on additive printing using a chitin-based material (image above) that is water soluble and biodegradable. This is particularly of interest to me – I think 3D printing becomes even more interesting as a technique when you can start producing biodegradable prints. At the moment the only viable low cost prints are petroleum-based plastics.

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Sodobro Films


I made a logo for my friends’ production company, Sodobro Films, and their first project, a documentary following an Iranian-American punk band on their U.S. tour.

I made four different looks based on the design prompts my friends gave me. One of them told me the logo should be “Dope. Fresh. Chill. Clean.” The other wrote a lengthy paragraph including the descriptor “Good enough for rock n’ roll.” I came up with these: Read the rest of this entry »