Ellis @ Trader Joe’s


Happy Saturday, everyone. This post is brought to you by Parenting 101.


Art History in Harlem


My co-workers and I are spending some time teaching up at P.S. 171 in East Harlem. Each student will be painting a head and face that has qualities from a specific period of art history – such as impressionism, cubism, modernism, and pop art.

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Gourds, in the flesh

Some portraits of the gourds, with 3D printed and dyed custom speaker grills. These were printed by my friends at 3D Systems, big supporters of my project. They are printed in a nylon polymer.real_gourd_00

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Gourd grow: full box

Transplanted 3 other seedlings. Here they are with a Lobeegerm_00

Yayoi Kusama

Checked out some of the Kusama show in Chelsea a couple weeks ago, with Margherita. So into these colors and rhythmsyayoi_00

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flowers, dragontree, table vignette



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pantry, shelves

We have someplace to store our dry foodstuffs.renovation_03

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