Gourds, in the flesh

Some portraits of the gourds, with 3D printed and dyed custom speaker grills. These were printed by my friends at 3D Systems, big supporters of my project. They are printed in a nylon polymer.real_gourd_00

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Gourd grow: full box

Transplanted 3 other seedlings. Here they are with a Lobeegerm_00

Gourd grow: transplant

I moved the germinated sprout out into the planter box in the garden. Tonight will be its 1st night in the wild.

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Gourd grow: friends

Wow! After a couple of hot, sunny days, several seedlings join our 1st sprout.IMG_4688

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Gourd grow: another leaf

A second leaf on the 1st seedling.¬†All the other seeds are lagging…will they ever come up?IMG_4682

Gourd grow: 1st sprout

It’s been colder and wetter here in Brooklyn, a bit unusual for July. But we have 1 sprout.IMG_4667

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Gourd grow: planter box

I made a future home for the gourds out of scrap wood, and filled it with dirt. Some of the dirt is from a Brooklyn chicken coop, full of poopy goodness.IMG_4623
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Gourd grow: seeding

Planted the seeds in a leftover egg carton. We’ll germinate them inside, in a south-facing window.IMG_4632 Read the rest of this entry »

Music pattern gourd demo video

Shot this with Emma and my buddy Marcus on his roof in Brooklyn. This is a documentation of the current functionality of the gourd using a 9-DOF sensor and Zigbee wireless network. Enjoy!

Gourds in action

photo 5The CCA MFA Design Thesis show is open and running! We had a fabulous opening event last Thursday night. For us as a group, it was an opportunity to present the collective expression design thinking we have been wrestling with for two years. For me, it was a chance to have a bunch of strangers play music on the gourds and hear about their experience.

The gourds were received as well as I could have hoped. People just wanted to play with them, explore them. Some of the feedback: Read the rest of this entry »