Gourd Part

Getting ready for 3D printing. The part is coming along. There are two main features:

1. The tessellated grill. These patterns are created using algorithms, and each grill, like each gourd, is one-of-a-kind. I have long been interested in non-repeating forms, which reflect the logic of nature rather than an industrial or digital logic. This is one way in which the logic of technology is made to bend to the logic of nature within this gourd instrument project.

2. The speaker pod. Think of the electrical component (accelerometer, microprocessor, battery, speaker amp, speaker, micro-USB port, etc) as a parasite that is hosted by the gourd. I have been interested in designing for dis-assembly. In this case, the grill and electronic housing would be a single part which is entirely biodegradable, and of course the gourd is biodegradable. When those are gone, the possibility exists for the electronics to move on and colonize another host form.

gourd_L_02 gourd_R_02gourd_R_02.33 purple_gourd.36


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