Keeper of My Heart’s Odd Secrets w/the Sank Six

Just finished up composing music for Keeper of My Heart’s Odd Secrets, a wedding party/performance about love and reality, with traditional ceremonies, untraditional dancing, irreverent games, and vodka.

I composed music for the show and DJ’d the party as the official wedding DJ. I found a bunch of old 45s that were the perfect soundtrack for the exhibit and party games. They feel like that old TV show The Wonder Years; suffocating, yet romantic.

never been anyone what the world needs

cant take my eyes can't see me without you always think about you all2
photo Ramune Rastonis

The ceremony music was meant to be tribal, celebratory, and territorial.  It is both a welcome and a watch the f___ out.  The performers are experiencing their own emotions during the processional – a kaleidoscope of angst, joy, anxiety, and serenity.

20140725_oddSecrets_038 20140725_oddSecrets_095

At one point, the audience is spontaneously included in a cathartic dance party. The dance starts as a day-dream reverie of a stay-at-home Dad, yearning to be free of child-rearing and domestic duties.

20140725_oddSecrets_111 20140725_oddSecrets_083

Finally, the performers settle into a waltz that oscillates endlessly between a romantic slow dance and a battle of physical tension/opposition.

20140725_oddSecrets_101 20140725_oddSecrets_10520140725_oddSecrets_108


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