Via email, I asked four friends and colleagues, “What do you do to stimulate creative thinking?” I posted their responses, then interpreted each in a quick visual sketch.


“I travel. I go for walks, or to museums. I keep a dream journal. Sometimes I keep a sort of ‘artistic thought’ journal when I’m looking for something new. I read books that stimulate my imagination. I find some thing that’s curious or interesting to me, that I don’t fully understand – an object or an idea. Then I give myself time to investigate it. If its conceptual, I read about it, or talk to people, I look for images that relate to and expand on it. If its a thing, I play with it until it begins to speak for itself. I try to keep my senses open and accept that I might go through a lot of bad ideas before I fall on a good one. I try to spend more time doing than thinking.

I could probably go on with that prompt for some time. Take whatever’s helpful. I love grad school!”



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