Via email, I asked four friends and colleagues, “What do you do to stimulate creative thinking?” I posted their responses, then interpreted each in a quick visual sketch.


For writing and brainstorming:

Warm-up: I wake up at 7 am. I walk 2 miles. I stretch my hamstrings, hips and lower back. I do three sun salutations.

The prelude: I close my eyes. I wait for an image to appear. I ask myself what it is. I allow myself to answer in the form of another image. I then follow my train of thought as a visual chain of cause and effect. This leads me to a moment of sheer panic when time stands still. I’m in the moment, I freak out, I step into the present. I shower. I boil a pot of green tea.

The process: I write stream of consciousness. I don’t evaluate or judge. I go for a walk.

The rejoinder: I rewrite what I wrote in declarative sentences that move the story forward. I fixate on an objective. I imagine pursuing it with all my conviction. I listen to my gut. I write what it says down. I go to bed. I repeat the prelude. I pass into deep sleep. I wake up and repeat.

For editing and evaluating scripts:

I follow the flow of the emotion that moves my heart and holds my interest. I seek to remove all obstacles that impede the flow of the heart’s journey.”



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